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With its beautiful premium leather, lace-up oxford styling, recycled rubber outsoles and 9-inch height, this Earthkeepers City Premium style is an undeniably handsome boot. To complement its rustic, commanding outer appearance, we've paid attention to the inside as well - by adding SmartWool® faux shearling to the linings and crafting the footbed using our exclusive anti-fatigue comfort foam technology to absorb shock. Imported.


Premium burnished full-grain leather and suede upper

Leather is from a tannery rated Silver for its water, energy and waste-management practices

Leather lining and footbed for a premium feel and optimal comfort

SmartWool® faux shearling lining is made with 60% merino wool and 40% PET

Reflective insole board for additional warmth under foot

100% organic cotton laces

SmartWool® fabric-lined anti-fatigue footbed provides superior, all-day comfort and climate control

Timberland® exclusive Gripstick™ and Green Rubber™ outsole is made with 42% recycled rubber